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  Come and find out.

Join us on Monday 29th February 2016

6pm for refreshments and 6.30 for the meeting, at

Exeter College Sports Hall,  Hele Road

Exeter  EX4 4JS.  ( Map)

Find out what is happening in this country and the south west to stop this appalling breach of human rights and  

  • who are the victims of modern slavery and who is supporting them
  •  what the police are doing to prevent, investigate and prosecute modern slavery.
  •  what active citizens can do and how to be alert to the signs of modern slavery
  • what local anti slavery groups are doing 

6pm exhibition stall tea and coffee food


  • Fawcett Devon
  • Unchosen
  • Unseen
  • Local slavery campaign Groups
  • Anti slavery International 
  • Soroptimists

Fawcett Society 150 years celebration  exhibition stall and merchandise


6.30       Welcome and Opening of the event

16.45     Panel discussion with questions from the Chaired by Yvonne Atkinson of Fawcett Devon.

7.10       Jane Jones : Unchosen short films  

7.20       Kate Garbers: Unseen's victim support work

7.30       Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall and Isled of Scilly Shaun Sawyer

7.50       Alexis Wright to talk about the work of the Red Cross and how modern slavery affects women.

8.05       Speaker  to talk aboput business responsibility and transparency in the supply chain- what must business do and what can consumers do to stamp oput slavery

8.20       Group and Panel Discussion on what needs to happen and what actions we need to take to address this issue

8.30       Close

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Join us on Friday 26h November at Reclaim the Night

 Reclaim  the Night


Join our November meeting which will take place behind the Fawcett Devon Banner as we march with  other women’s groups and supporters  on

 Reclaim the Night on

26th November   6.30 pm

 The Mint Methodist Church Centre

Mint Methodist Church, Fore Street, EX4 3AT Exeter, Devon

Wants some more Fun?

Join us for our seasonal social on Friday 4th December


Find out what slavery means todasy especially for women 

Join our Event 29th February at Exeter College 6-8.30 pm

Hear the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall who leads the UK police  on tackling Modern Slavery  and other speakers

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Join Fawcett Devon and make a difference to women in Devon


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